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I was born in Chicago, Illinois in a hospital that was started by someone who wanted to help women in medicine. You see, at that time, women were not very well accepted into the doctoring field, so the new hospital was a way to get recognized.

The neighborhood I grew up in was a rough-and-tumble part of the city; and my parents struggled to make ends meet. They scraped enough money together, though, to send me to private schools (they must have been a whole lot cheaper back then). One of those private schools was a Franciscan Seminary. After four years, I left the seminary, and went to art school. That led to a position, after a stint in the Marine Corps, at an art studio, which then led to being a computer graphics artist in the mid-seventies. Back then virtually no one even knew something like computer graphics even existed.

Through a convoluted series of events I went from Chicago, to San Francisco, to Atlanta. In the Atlanta area, I once again was a pioneer, along with my new wife, in digital media. This time it was video.

My wife and I then adopted two newborn babies. I refer to them as twinkling lights on a darkened street.

My wife, two children, and I belong to an organization that honors veterans and current members of the military by standing in flag lines at their final resting place. I am occasionally called upon to be the chaplain for a service, and our daughter is called upon quite often to make a presentation to the family members on behalf of the organization.