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Joseph Harper arrives in his father’s childhood town of Collington. He has sold the company that he and his deceased father built from scratch, and begins renovating the town and the old Collington Lodge to bring it back to its past glory.

But Joseph wants to remain anonymous. Before his company’s success, his mother, and then his wife, walked out of his life for wealthy men, emotionally scarring Joseph. He is now wary of any woman’s intentions. So, he plans to live in the old lodge building, ostensibly as a friend of the “owner.”

A battle for Joseph’s heart and properties ensues. Joseph’s expansive home, containing numerous guest rooms, has a constantly changing cast of characters—some brazen, some irascible, and some humorous in their oddities—each with their own agenda.

Joseph’s plans for the town anger Edmond Collington. Having failed to convince his sisters to sell the properties to him, Edmond will stop at nothing to acquire what he feels is his birthright. He is one of the few people who know Joseph’s true identity and uses the knowledge to plot against him. Edmond’s fanatical obsession leads him to use a beautiful woman, the townspeople’s prejudices, and violence in his attempt to force Joseph to sell the properties to him.

Will Joseph survive the onslaught? Will he find forgiveness in his heart, and find true happiness?

Fiddler’s Cave is a story of obsessions, heartbreak, and finding a lost part of one’s heart.